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Real Estate, Landlord and Property Management Bookkeeping

You need someone who knows your business and understands that forward-thinking drives your profits.  Fortnuately, you’ve found that someone.


At The Real Estate Bookkeeper, we absolutely love crunching numbers.  We also love the real estate and property management industries.  We’ve paired our passion for the two, and the result provides you with a remarkable bookkeeping service that knows and understands your business.  Our knowledge and experience deliver proactive, forward-thinking services while concentrating on your key performance indicators for profitability and growth.  Our reliability and attention to detail enable you to make the transition from working “in” your business, to working “on” your business.
With the Complexities Involved in Real Estate Accounting and Bookkeeping, You Need Some Who Knows The Business.
We have over 27 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience in the real estate industry. This means that when we take you on as a client, we already have extensive knowledge and understanding of your business.  Our major focus is listening to you to get a solid understanding of what you want and desire out of your accounting and your business.  We combine our knowledge and your desires to set up, automate and streamline your business accounting.

We are experts when it comes to the bookkeeping and accounting processes involved in sales and leasing transactions.  We are able to meticulously track development expenses, which ensures your asset costs are accurate and aids in the process of submitting construction draw requests.  Our knowledge and experience with the handling of Trust Accounts has led us through state-specific audits where we’ve been commended for our process and adherence to strict Real Estate Commission guidelines.

Without the Right Systems in Place, Property Management Accounting and Bookkeeping Can Become Your Worst Nightmare.
There’s one thing that those of us who have been involved in property management bookkeeping know for sure … it can quickly become very labor intensive.  Some of the most common ways I’ve seen this type of bookkeeping being approached is through the use of spreadsheets, or the purchase of a high-cost property management system.

There are rent billing and payments, receivables tracking, collections, common area chargebacks, and differentiating between which expenses can be billed to tenants and which can’t … just to name a few things. Unless you have the right software solutions in place, this is a very time-consuming project.  And, no, spreadsheets just do not work (said from experience).

If You’re a Landlord for Rental Properties, No Doubt You’ve Got Your Own Share of Accounting and Bookkeeping Headaches.
For Landlord’s just starting out with one or two properties, bookkeeping can seem pretty simple at first.  But as you continue adding more properties to your personal portfolio, your bookkeeping and accounting can take on a whole new set of difficulties.  You need to track rental dates, security deposits, income and expenses for each property separately so you know how your investments are doing.

While it may sound easy enough – buy a home, make a few renovations and rent it out for more than the monthly mortgage payment – successfully managing your own investment properties requires the mindset of a business professional. Without experience, it can be easy to quickly lose money, time and sleep.


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