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So, what’s in it for you to move your business bookkeeping to a cloud-based bookkeeping solution? Actually, there’s probably more in it for you than you realize. There are a lot of great benefits of cloud bookkeeping and accounting. Here’s a few that I’ll go over with you right now:

  • Your work staff can turn into team players. Most cloud bookkeeping and accounting software allows for multiple users. This provides one central system where everyone involved in a particular project can access the same information and track the progress they need to be involved in. Everyone involved can work together to make sure all expenses are recorded and all clients are billed promptly and accurately.
  • Anytime and anywhere access. Since your bookkeeping and accounting software is “in the cloud”, this allows you and your staff the ability to login from any location where you have a connection to the Internet, and from almost any device. If you need to produce estimates, purchase orders and invoices on demand, it’s done!
  • Real-time business financial information at your fingertips. Everything you, your staff, your bookkeeper or your accountant do in the system is updated in real-time format. This gives you the most current financial position of your business that you could possibly have. At those times when you need to  make a quick decision, you have your information up-to-date and available.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When you use a cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting software, everything you need is hosted in the cloud. You don’t need to purchase a software to install on one or more computers. You don’t need a server to host your own software across multiple users. You don’t pay for license agreements. You don’t pay for updates. You don’t pay for backups. All of this is taken care of automatically with your subscription. Best of all, all of your business’s financial information is with you forever.
  • No fear of losing your information. When you use traditional bookkeeping and accounting software, the fear of losing all of your financial data is almost always in the back of your mind. What if your computer or server crashes? What if desktops or laptops are stolen? What if your system is hacked into, leaving all of your financial business information at risk? With cloud accounting, there is no trace of your business’s financial information on any of your company computers or servers.
  • Security of bank-level data encryption. Your financial data is safe and secure with 256-bit encryption, which is the same level of security measures taken in the banking industry. This is certainly much safer than storing your financial information on office computers or servers.