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Opportunities to achieve a paperless office are endless and just take a little imagination.  Below you will find a list of areas you can go paperless in your office.  After you read through the list, prioritize your paperless opportunities to help you understand which areas to focus on first.

The opportunities for paperless communication exists with owners, purchasers, sellers, tenants and vendors (just to name a few). Instead of mailing your correspondence to your contacts, use email.  The use of email for your correspondence will save you money on postage, paper and time.

Leases, Rental Applications and Purchase Contracts

Move the use of leases, applications, contracts and agreements to the use of online documents.  All of these documents can be completed and stored online for access wherever you may be. Your office will be benefited by saving time, elimination of paper files, and better tracking of documents.

Distribution of Payments to Vendors and Owners

Stop writing paper checks and make your bill payments and owners distributions online using ACH.  You can also use your business credit card to make payments if your vendors accept them. Utilizing online payment systems for vendors and owners allows you to save time, save paper, and pay your bills faster.

Collection of Commissions and Rent Payments Online

Offer opportunities of cloud-based payment solutions to your customers. Most bookkeeping and accounting software have the ability to allow your customer to pay immediately upon receipt of their invoice. Taking advantage of accepting online payments means no checks to process and manage each month, getting paid faster for your services, and no more trips to the bank.

These are just a few of the areas you could incorporate going paperless into your office.  If you think about the things you do every day that involve paper, I’m sure you can come up with many ways to make the transition.

My next post in the “Going Paperless” series will discuss cloud-based software and some types of office equipment you can use to assist in the transition to your paperless office.  Make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing to my blog post updates below!

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