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My One Big “Pet Peeve” About 1099’s

My one biggest "pet peeve" about doing 1099's doesn't even involve the IRS!  Can you guess who this post is going to be about?  Yes, that's right ... it's going to be about YOU ... the business owner (but I promise to take it easy on you and make this more...

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Technology to Help You Go Paperless

By taking advantage of the available technology today, making the transition to a paperless office has become fairly simple. Today’s post will cover how cloud-based software and office equipment can help you to be well on your way. Cloud-Based Real Estate and Property...

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Your Opportunities for a Paperless Office

Opportunities to achieve a paperless office are endless and just take a little imagination.  Below you will find a list of areas you can go paperless in your office.  After you read through the list, prioritize your paperless opportunities to help you understand which...

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Why Go Paperless?

The Benefits of a Paperless Property Management Office Property managers who run efficient paperless management offices consistently out-perform their competition. My next few posts are going to be a series about why you should run a paperless real estate and property...

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Trust Accounting for Property Managers – Part Two

In my last post about trust accounting for property managers, I discussed what trust accounts are and why you should use them. In this post, I am going to give you some tips that well help you stay out of trouble with the Real Estate Commission and some general...

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Trust Accounting for Property Managers – Part One

Trust accounting is a term that all property management and real estate business owners should be very familiar with. My next couple of posts will cover trust accounting:  what trust accounts are, why use them, record keeping and staying out of trouble. These...

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Free Budget Template for Property Managers

I don't know too many of us who are absolutely fanatical about doing budgets! If you've been searching for something to help make this process a little more simple, I've got a great free budget template for property managers. I personally use this excel budget...

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How to Make Real Estate Bookkeeping Easier

Real estate and property management bookkeeping can become pretty complex when you’re managing properties for clients or running a real estate agency. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software company, and they have...

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Bookkeeping

So, what’s in it for you to move your business bookkeeping to a cloud-based bookkeeping solution? Actually, there’s probably more in it for you than you realize. There are a lot of great benefits of cloud bookkeeping and accounting. Here’s a few that I’ll go over with...

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What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping?

We’re all fairly familiar with ways in which we store different types of media online, and the idea is pretty much the same with cloud-based bookkeeping. When you upload a picture to your social media account, that image is stored on that particular...

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