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Property Management Accounting & Bookkeeping

Rent, Collections, Common Area Chargebacks … We Can Do It

Without the Right Systems in Place, Property Management Accounting and Bookkeeping Can Become Your Worst Nightmare.

There’s one thing that those of us who have been involved in property management bookkeeping know for sure … it can quickly become very labor intensive.  Some of the most common ways I’ve seen this type of bookkeeping being approached is through the use of spreadsheets, or the purchase of a high-cost property management system.

There are rent billing and payments, receivables tracking, collections, common area chargebacks, and differentiating between which expenses can be billed to tenants and which can’t … just to name a few things. Unless you have the right software solutions in place, this is a very time-consuming project.  And, no, spreadsheets just do not work (said from experience).

Xero’s feature rich bookkeeping and accounting software solution is a cost-effective way to make sure your property management bookkeeping runs smoothly and almost effortlessly.  With third-party integrations designed to provide you with almost every feature you need to handle your property management bookkeeping, there’s no need to sink a ton of money into a near-perfect system.

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Let Us Help You By:

  • Rent invoicing that provides option for immediate payment
  • Automatic sending of statements and collection letters
  • Detail expense tracking for common area charges
  • Property expense and contractor payments
  • Third-party integrated solutions that track lease expirations, vacancy rates, property maintenance and provide you with real-time property information
















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